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GM Helios

Changelog for July 23, 2020

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Our scheduled maintenance is done!


🔹Added New Headgear Quest NPC (Prontera 159 193)🔹

-Evolved Pipe

-Evolved Leaf

-Donut in Mouth 

-Fish in Mouth

-Evolved Crunch Toast
🔹Added Kafra Coins in Cash Shop🔹

Bronze Kafra Coin - 25 Cash Points
Silver Kafra Coin - 50 Cash Points
Gold Kafra Coin - 100 Cash Points
Platinum Kafra Coin - 500 Cash Points
Mythril Kafra Coin - 1000 Cash Points

🔹Added Premium Healer NPC🔹

-Amatsu (103 154)
-Gonryun (155 122)
-Louyang (215 114)
-Ayothaya (212 173)

🔹Added 5v5 PVP NPC (Prontera 200 179)🔹

🔹Added PVP Supply NPC (All PVP Inn)🔹

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