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GM Helios

Changelog for July 17, 2020

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Our scheduled maintenance is done!


🔹Added Newbie Starter Pack🔹

Upgraded Supply Box - 10 pcs.
Elite Battle Manual - 5 pcs.
Job Battle Manual - 5 pcs.
Bubble Gum - 5 pcs.
Halter - 1pc. (1week rental)
All in One Ring - 1 pc. (1week rental)
Kafra Card  - 10 pcs.
Token of Siegfried - 10 pcs.
Life Insurance Box - 10 pcs.
Chewy Rice Cake Box - 10 pcs.
Oriental Pastry Box - 10 pcs .
Steamed Tongue (+10 STR FOOD) - 3 pcs.
Steamed Desert Scorpions (+10 AGI FOOD) - 3 pcs.
Stew of Immortality (+10 VIT FOOD) - 3 pcs.
Dragon Breath Cocktail (+10 INT FOOD) - 3 pcs.
Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 DEX FOOD) - 3 pcs.
Cooked Nine Tail's Tails (+10 LUK FOOD) - 3 pcs.

🔹Added Guild Package  NPC (Prontera 164 170)🔹

Reload Siege Cap - Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human monsters by 5%
Reload Siege Suit - Max HP+5% / Increase resistance to the Freeze status by 30%
Reload Siege Muffler - Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attacks by 10% / HP Recovery +5%
Reload Siege Shoes - Max HP+5% / SP Recovery +5%
Upgraded Supply Box - 5 pcs.

Union of Tribe - 2 pcs.

🔹Added Crysta NPC (Prontera 163 195)🔹

Pirate Dagger
Fragment of Destruction
Fragment of White Flames
Fragment of Iron Body
Fragment of Transfiguration

Costume Sphinx Hat
Costume Shining Sun
Costume Green Feeler
Costume Jack be Dandy
Costume Helm
Costume Spiky Band
Costume Goggles
Costume Munak Hat

🔹Added MVP Chest🔹

Costume MVP - Super Rare (5% Drop Rate)
Anubis Helm 
Helm of Abyss
Fragment of Destruction
Fragment of White Flames
Fragment of Iron Body
Fragment of Transfiguration
Infinite Giant Fly Wing Box (1day unli)
Juicy Fruit
Battle Manual x3
Miracle Tonic
Boarding Halter Box
Kafra Card Box
Life Insurance Box
Gym Pass
Kafra Card
Life Insurance
Upgraded Supply Box
Leap of Fantasy
Buche de Noel
Evasion Scroll
Concentration Scroll
Celermine Juice
Sparkling Candy
Guarana Candy
ASPD Potion

🔹Added Hourly Box🔹

Kafra Card (2)
Bubble Gum (2)
Elite Battle Manual (2)
Elite Job Manual (2)
Megaphone (2)
Evasion Scroll (1)
Concentration Scroll (1)
Rainbow Cake (1)
Token of Siegfried (2)
Intermediate Supply Box (2)
Oriental Pastry (1)
[Hourly] ASPD Potion (2)
[Hourly] Akaraje (2)
[Hourly] Celermine Juice (2)
[Hourly] Guarana Candy (2)
[Hourly] Sparkling Candy (2)
Life Insurance (2)
White herb Box (1)
Blue Herb Box (1)
Paperhand Model (1)
Rockhand Model (1)
Scissorhand Model (1)
Hairband of Reginleif (1)

🔹Added @arealoot in player's command🔹

When you use this command, all items within 3x3 cells of the player will straight go to his inventory.

🔹Fixed Premium NPC🔹

7 Days VIP Voucher (Added to Cash Shop)
14 Days VIP Voucher (Added to Cash Shop)
30 Days VIP Voucher (Added to Cash Shop)

🔹Added Premium Healer/Buff NPC🔹

Increase Agility
All stats +5

🔹Removed Reset NPC🔹




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