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GM Tera

Donation Promo

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How to Claim?

• Once you've made a payment, e-mail us at donate@ragnarok-reload.com or message us at our Ragnarok Reload Page.

• Send a picture of the receipt or proof of transaction.

•You will receive Kafra Coins (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Mithril Kafra Coins) once your donation is verified.

• Strictly No Exchange or Refund.

Reload Coins are usable items which can be converted into Cash Points (In-game Points).


1 USD = 50 Cash Points
1 PHP = 1 Cash Points

Minimum Donation is 200 PHP or 4 USD.

:no1:• July Promo Rates: •:no1:

1,000 PHP or 20 USD = 1,100 Cash Points

2,500 PHP or 50 USD = 2,800 Cash Points

5,000 PHP or 100 USD = 5,800 Cash Points

10,000 PHP or 200 USD = 12,000 Cash Points


Topup Promo can be change by our team anytime without prior notice.


For every:

2,500 PHP or 50 USD

Choose one Costume Headgear:

1480481650_luckyhat.png.f97e95f31560b3a88c2d5dce879516b6.png •Costume Lucky Hat (Increase Experience Gained by 5%) 

20244520_classichat.png.5d9c15a222a5ddc8038eedf381e6cc9f.png •Costume Classic Hat (Increase Experience Gained by 5%) 

1531297776_carnivalhat.png.2fa23d40970578ca1f4f6c73c372ba7d.png •Costume Carnival Hat (Increase Experience Gained by 5%) 

360863745_huntingcap.png.560f581f567f45f611397a3adf40cc65.png •Costume Hunting Cap (Increase Experience Gained by 5%)  

banana.png.7e5488cbbf7906eeecb89cfcbf0e07ae.png •Costume Banana Beret (Increase Experience Gained by 5%)     

1283244532_trianglerunecap.png.8ac04118bcfc8079715280d99ae61cdf.png •Costume Triangle Rune Cap (Increase Experience Gained by 5%) 

574866822_clockcasque.png.831ad5e6bd85c1670bc31b14afd450ed.png •Costume Clock Casque (Increase Experience Gained by 5%) 


5,000 PHP or 100 USD

1886324544_braveherocresthat.png.1f75d06eacad34c6ec501b1ee1b3c515.png•Costume Brave Hero Crest Hat (Increase Experience Gained by 7%) 

351201129_camouflagerabbit.png.bab3364642b32ec97426479627006a22.png •Costume Camouflage Rabbit Hood (Increase Experience Gained by 7%) 

1972620651_harvesterhat.png.1f37b9c4675509d1a9eface412698e99.png •Costume Harvester Hat (Increase Experience Gained by 7%)  

1438193881_wanderersakkat.png.94c8bf4f081a61df683d3a06ab900cca.png •Costume Wanderer's Sakkat (Increase Experience Gained by 7%) 

793109176_deviruchiheadphone.png.d567e3cdce1ec52438f51f3741f74b7a.png •Costume Deviruchi Headphone (Increase Experience Gained by 7%) 



10,000 PHP or 200 USD

48104138_EvokeAngelSchoolCap.png.144a129074b63a9bf15beaa8b8f68889.png•Costume Evoked Angel School Cap (Increase Experience Gained by 10%) 

1450002465_evokedevilschoolcap.png.02a16fdda1d669f2896fc0a731786291.png•Costume Evoked Devil School Cap (Increase Experience Gained by 10%)

809519558_amistrberet.png.7e2acc24054df7491bb2ad785382c7e1.png•Costume Amistr Beret (Increase Experience Gained by 10%)

2128878421_piamettesredhood.png.1cae150719039b38ccc94eab023b25bc.png•Costume Piamette Red Hood (Increase Experience Gained by 10%)


By making a purchase, you are authorizing this transaction,

Cash Points are digital goods. No physical goods will be shipped nor will you be given proof of shipment.

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