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GM Tera

How to Donate?

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    When purchasing items, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete
    information needed for the transaction. Ragnarok Online RE: LOAD has the right to cancel
    any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given
    is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete.

    All purchased items made and benefits received are non-refundable.

•No Exemptions
    Purchasing items does not exempt you in any way from abiding all Server and Forum Rules.

•Donation info

    1 US Dollar = 50 Cash Points
    1 PHP = 1 Cash Point

Minimum Donation is 4$ or 200 Php

•Kafra Coin Info

    Mithril Kafra Coin = 1000 Cash Points
    Platinum Kafra Coin = 500 Cash Points 
    Gold Kafra Coin = 100 Cash Points
    Silver Kafra Coin = 50 Cash Points
    Bronze Kafra Coin = 25 Cash Points

•Donate Through BDO
    Account info: John Paul M. Clarito
    Account No: 003340461281

•Donate via Gcash
    Account info: John Paul M. Clarito
    G-Cash: 09152851464

Donation: M Lhuillier/Palawan Express Pera Padala/Western Union/Cebuana Pera Padala
Name: (Your Full Name) Last name, First name, Middle name
Complete Address: 
Reference Number:
Donation Amount:
Mobile Number:
In-Game Name:
Screen shot Receipt:
After donating through banks and remittances please send an email to donate@ragnarok-reload.com
with the following Format. Thank You!

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