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GM Tera

Changelog for October 8, 2020

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Patch Notes:
  • Enabled /memo for Moscovia field

  • Royal Jelly selling price is now back to default (3,500z)

  • Fixed portals on all maps and field

  • Increased Monster spawn in Niflheim field01

  • Enabled Hourly Points on Vending Skill(Except Autotrade)

  • New Potion Exchanger Located @ Special Area (turbo_room 77 102)

  • Disabled Butterflywing on PVP Room

  • Enabled Bulk Exchange of Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium

  • Fixed Shield Chain(Rapid Smiting) Skill Damage

  • Removed Dialog Box on Teleportation Skill Lvl 1

  • Removed Novice Vs Zombie Event

  • Added Dungeon Level Warp @ Warper
    - Normal (Dungeon Level 1 Only)
    - VIP (All Levels Except Boss Map)

New Event:
  • Player Vs Zombie Event

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