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  1. Welcome Citizens of Midgard! The game presents to you, the unique revo-classic experience that brings a sense of nostalgia to all. Ragnarok Online Re:load is now open for PRE-registration period starts on May 16 until May 31. First 2,000 players will get one(1) Pre-Registration Bundle. This bundle includes: 3 Steamed Tongue (+10 STR FOOD) 3 Steamed Desert Scorpions (+10 AGI FOOD) 3 Stew of Immortality (+10 VIT FOOD) 3 Dragon Breath Cocktail (+10 INT FOOD) 3 Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 DEX FOOD) 3 Cooked Nine Tail's Tails (+10 LUK FOOD) 5 Bubble Gum 10 Upgraded Supply Box 2 Kafra Cards 2 Token of Siegfield. 3 days VIP ticket (Xp and Drop rate boost) Website: www.ragnarok-reload.com FB Page: www.facebook.com/ROReload2020/ #Revo-Classic #RagnarokOnlineReload