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    http://roworkshop.com/apk/271/ReloadRO.apk Hi kindly try this one
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    ANDRO big card (Guide)

    Disclaimer: Ragnarok Online RE:Load mobile is made to help out players who cannot play on their PC. Players should not completely rely on mobile version since it's still under continuous development. Big Card GRF Link: (download this link) https://www.mediafire.com/file/tck3o9qwei8jiyt/reloadcosacc.grf/file This is a Guide for Big Card in Andro. DO NOT LOG IN YET UNLESS THE STEP TOLD YOU TO DO SO. 1. Re-install Ragnarok Online RE:Load. DO NOT OPEN IT YET. Exit Andro. 2. Open your Phone Settings and allow storage permission to ReloadRO. 3. FOLLOW THIS RULE VERY CAREFULLY. Open your Andro then tap Settings. Tap "Change" in the client directory and choose External Storage. Upon choosing external storage, something will pop up, just tap create>OK>Quit. (screenshots below this step) 4. Now, Open ReloadRO Andro then patch. Just let it patch. Something will pop (screenshot below) just tap ignore and let it patch. After tapping ignore, exit your andro. (AGAIN, DO NOT LOG IN YET) 4. Open your Phone storage, copy/move reloadcosacc.grf to ragnarok>reloadro (screenshot below) 5. Open your Andro then let it patch. YOU CAN NOW LOG IN AND ENJOY YOUR BIG CARD GRF. :D
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    Andro apk? If yes, what's your android OS version?
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    OBT gave everyone a blast. Today, we will officially open Ragnarok Online Re:Load! Cheers!~