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  1. GM Eir

    Assassin Showdown

    THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Calling all the brave assassins! Get ready for the Assassin Showdown this coming July 5, 2020. Message our page for Registration https://www.facebook.com/ROReload2020/?tn-str=k*F All skills are enabled except backslide, Hide and Cloak Winner will receive Thief Set Card Box
  2. GM Eir


    http://roworkshop.com/apk/271/ReloadRO.apk Hi kindly try this one
  3. GM Eir

    Acolyte Vs. Zombies

    Gear up, Mighty Acolytes! Defeat the zombies and save Midgard! Acolyte Vs. Zombies 06.28.20 How to Join? 📌Make an Acolyte -No minimum and maximum level 📌Be brave! Mechanics: 📌A last man standing event. 📌Just kill all the zombies each round! 📌You can use Potions and Skills
  4. Our scheduled maintenance is done! The server is now up and running. The following are the things that has been updated and added to the game: 1. Added Streamer Scroll Common Items -White herb Box -Blue Herb Box -Token of Siegfried -Kafra Card -Oridecon Box -Elunium Box -Megaphone -Elite Battle Manual -Elite Job Manual -Bubble Gum Uncommon Items -Upgraded Supply Box -Intermediate Supply Box -Token of Siegfried Box -Kafra Card Box -Increase Agility Scroll Box -Blessing Scroll Box Rare Items -Guarana Candy Box -Celermine Juice Box -ASPD Enchanced Potion Box -Sparkling candy box(10) -Akaraje Box(10) -Pastry Box -Chewy Rice Cake Box -Abrasive Box(10) Very Rare Items -Gym Pass Card -Halter -3 Days Premium Voucher Ultra Rare Items -Blue Print Black Cat Ears -Costume Sunglasses -Blue Print Costume Machoman Sunglasses -Blue Print Costume Blinker -Blue Print Costume Zherlthsh Mask -Blue Print Costume Assassin Mask -Blue Print Costume Crunch Toast -Blue Print Elven Ears -Blue Print Costume Indian Headband -Blue Print Costume Helm -Blue Print Costume Sweet Gent -Blue Print Costume Romantic Gent -Blue Print Costume Western Grace Legendary Item -Costume Angel Wings 2. Added New Headgears in Cash Shop -Pecopeco Hairband -Gangster Scarf -Skull Hood -Well-Chewed Pencil -Foxtail -Red Beret -Angel Spirit -Robo Eyes 3. Added Daily Floating Rates (Weekend Rates Removed) -12am-2am GMT+8 -9am-11am GMT+8 -4pm-6pm GMT+8 4. Added 3 minutes cooldown on all channels (Trade, Recruit & Support) 5. Added @whodrops command 6. Added Automated announcement upon logging in for Vote, RMT and Username/Password warning 7. Added Blueprint Costume NPC inside Eden Group 2nd floor (Drop rates for normal monster = 0.03 / MVP Monsters = 0.01) -Blue Print Costume Helm - Bloody Knight -Blue Print Costume Beanie - Dancing Dragon -Blue Print Costume Headset - Kobold -Blue Print Costume Sea Otter Hat - Sea Otter -Blue Print Costume Stop Post - Greatest General -Blue Print Costume Indian Hairband - Goblin -Blue Print Costume Western Grace - Vagabond Wolf -Blue Print Costume Safety Helm - Skeleton Worker Martin -Blue Print Costume Golden Bell - Golden Thief Bug -Blue Print Costume Bao Bao - Chung E -Blue Print Costume Jack A Dandy - Chepet -Blue Print Costume Fashionable Sunglasses - Deviace -Blue Print Costume Striped Hairband - Alligator -Blue Print Costume Straw Hat - Desert Wolf -Blue Print Costume Blue Hairband - Anolian -Blue Print Costume Sweet Gent - Dragon Fly -Blue Print Costume Romantic Gent - Vocal -Blue Print Costume Green Feeler - Rocker -Blue Print Costume Funeral Hat - Gibbet -Blue Print Costume Drooping Cat - Loli Ruri -Blue Print Costume Antlers - Baphomet Jr -Blue Print Costume Apple O' Archer - Antique Firelock, Archer Skeleton -Blue Print Costume Big Ribbon - Wild Rose, Toad -Blue Print Costume Black Cat Ears - Cat o' Nine Tails -Blue Print Costume Deviruchi Hat - Deviruchi -Blue Print Costume Doctor Band - Isis -Blue Print Costume Rainbow Eggshell - Eggyra -Blue Print Costume Bunny Band - Eclipse -Blue Print Costume Sunflower - Flora, Geographer -Blue Print Costume Fancy Flower - Creamy, Geographer, Dragon Tail -Blue Print Costume Flower Band - Alice -Blue Print Costume Kitty Band - Smokie -Blue Print Costume Mini Propeller - Hunter Fly -Blue Print Costume Panda Hat - Sasquatch -Blue Print Costume Party Hat - Karakasa -Blue Print Costume Blinker - Bloody Murderer -Blue Print Costume Ear Muffs - Leaf Cat -Blue Print Costume Eagle Eyes - Savage -Blue Print Costume Monocle - Chonchon -Blue Print Costume Zorro Mask - Goblin -Blue Print Costume Zherlthsh Mask - Zherlthsh -Blue Print Costume Opera Mask - Alarm -Blue Print Costume Fin Helm - Obeaune -Blue Print Costume Elven Ears - Giearth -Blue Print Costume Iron Cain - Zombie Prisoner, Raydric -Blue Print Costume Assassin Mask - Incantation Samurai -Blue Print Costume Clown Nose - Rice Cake Boy, Lunatic -Blue Print Costume Crumch Toast - Evil Snake Lord -Blue Print Costume Romantic Leaf - Wooden Golem, Dryad, Wander Man, Green Plant, Blue Plant -Blue Print Costume Cigar - Orc Warrior -Blue Print Costume Blue Fish - Phen 8. Fixed Merchant Quest in Byalan 9. Relocated MVP Item Enchanter NPCs (Eden Group 2nd floor) 10. Removed Reload Exchanger NPC
  5. GM Eir


    Greetings! Unlock these rewards and get these costumes that'll increase the experience gained by 3%! 200 peak reward - Costume Racoon Hat 300 peak reward - Costume Black Khalitzburg Knight Helm 400 peak reward - Costume Dog Officer 500 peak reward - Costume Evil Druid Hat Not just that! Invite your friends and get more surprising rewards!
  6. GM Eir

    ANDRO big card (Guide)

    Disclaimer: Ragnarok Online RE:Load mobile is made to help out players who cannot play on their PC. Players should not completely rely on mobile version since it's still under continuous development. Big Card GRF Link: (download this link) https://www.mediafire.com/file/tck3o9qwei8jiyt/reloadcosacc.grf/file This is a Guide for Big Card in Andro. DO NOT LOG IN YET UNLESS THE STEP TOLD YOU TO DO SO. 1. Re-install Ragnarok Online RE:Load. DO NOT OPEN IT YET. Exit Andro. 2. Open your Phone Settings and allow storage permission to ReloadRO. 3. FOLLOW THIS RULE VERY CAREFULLY. Open your Andro then tap Settings. Tap "Change" in the client directory and choose External Storage. Upon choosing external storage, something will pop up, just tap create>OK>Quit. (screenshots below this step) 4. Now, Open ReloadRO Andro then patch. Just let it patch. Something will pop (screenshot below) just tap ignore and let it patch. After tapping ignore, exit your andro. (AGAIN, DO NOT LOG IN YET) 4. Open your Phone storage, copy/move reloadcosacc.grf to ragnarok>reloadro (screenshot below) 5. Open your Andro then let it patch. YOU CAN NOW LOG IN AND ENJOY YOUR BIG CARD GRF. :D
  7. https://www.facebook.com/ROReload2020/photos/a.684300501990915/975188652902097/?type=3&theater Check the link for more info
  8. GM Eir

    Changelog for June 10, 2020

    Your layout artist is pretty. I do agree. :P Anyway, If you guys are reading this post... CONGRATULATIONS! :D
  9. GM Eir

    Crack the Code (FB)

    CODE HAS BEEN CRACKED! Congratuations to our winners :D
  10. GM Eir


    IT'S A GREAT DAY! Thank you for joining our gathering event and congratulations to our like and share event winners!
  11. GM Eir


    Greetings, Citizens of Midgard! We will be having a gathering event tonight at 7:30PM (+8GMT) in Payon. Make sure to be online later at 7:30PM. Don't forget to tag your friends and tell them to be online, too. See you there!
  12. GM Eir

    Crack the Code (FB)

    Click the link for more info
  13. GM Eir

    Marathon Event (June 8)

    GREETINGS! Thank you for joining our marathon event. It was a blast! See you and more events to come! #Revo-Classic #RagnarokOnlineReload
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    Andro apk? If yes, what's your android OS version?
  15. GM Eir

    MakiUzo gaming

    See you in game!