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    PvP Arena! We Should do It!

    Hello Guys :) We should implement a PvP Arena Warper in All Towns, this is very Awesome to test our Dmg for coming WoE and just chilling with our Mates in the PvP Room. I Spoke with 2 Guilds on other Servers / OriginsRo for joining us and they ask me how is the PvP here, they just pvping all day long. Make ReLoad Attractive! Suggestion: - Map Should be Small - Only 1 Map (because more players in it) - Supply White & Blues Disabled. - Auto Dispel when Warp In. - Warper Should Show how many Players Ingame Greetings Marco :)
  2. Selfmade | Bloodclaw

    Hello Sons of Midgard :)

    Introducing myself :) My Name is Marco, im 30 Years Old and im coming from Austria (Neighboring Germany) I play since the EuRo Beta release (2004) and i stopped playing with EbrilRo Project 2010 :) Before i was on the Private Servers: FunRo & EbilRo. These shaped my Ragnarok times very much. my focus is always on: PvP and WoE yeah ..so i didnt play Ragnarok since 2010 and i hope i find the way into this Game back :) Greetings Selfmade / Bloodclaw