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  1. Balance The most obvious difference between Renewal and Revo-Classic is it’s absence of Third Jobs. But Revo-Classic keeps Renewal mechanics and make a good cocktail with Classic settings. Bye-bye imbalance! Party Revo-Classic can make you some new friends, because playing in parties is more fun (and easier to level), than alone, because solo adventure is not easy. Cards No more one BFG with 4 cards for the rest of the game. Because damage is affected not only by the cards, but also by the stats of the weapon itself, so you will need to find more powerful weapons to maximize damage. Leveling It’s all about math! Leveling is a bit harder, but more interesting and you can make your character more fine tuned. Instant cast Oh-ho-ho, Instant Cast does not belong here. Now you don’t need to be Neo to dodge someone attacks! And now check slightly boring info without numbers: STR: For melee weapons, Points in STR increases StatusATK, and also increases weight limit. AGI: Points in AGI increases Flee, SoftDEF and ASPD VIT: Points in VIT increases MaxHP, HP Healing effectiveness, SoftDEF and resistance to some effects. INT: Points in INT increase StatusMATK, MaxSP, SP Healing Item effectiveness, SoftMDEF and reduce Variable Casting Time(but not Fixed Cast Time). DEX: Points in DEX increases StatusATK Also DEX adds HIT, decreases cast time, and increases ASPD. points in DEX adds StatusMATK and SoftMDEF. LUK: Points in LUK adds Critical Hit Rate, as well as resistance to some status effects. Every points in LUK adds StatusATK, StatusMATK, and HIT. Points in LUK also adds Flee, Perfect Dodge and Anti-Critical Rate. Sub Stats - Secondary stats, that depends on primary stats, gears and skills ATK: ATK is the result of STR, DEX and LUK which is divided to StatusATK and WeaponATK(StatuATK x2). Their amount is total damage. Also you can increase WeaponATK by cards(not the StatusATK). So instead of putting 4 cards in one poor weapon you need to get better Weapon and your precious cards in it. MATK As with ATK, Magical Attack Power(MATK) is also divided into two, StatusMATK and WeaponMATK. In MATK's case, WeaponMATK influence more to the final damage than StatusMATK, so let’s find a legendary staff! DEF & MDEF DEF and MDEF are values that reduces incoming damage. There are 2 types of defense: DEF: Softdef: comes from AGI and VIT and reduces damage by flat amount, but VIT is the main factor. Harddef: is the total of equipment defense, including upgrades to reduce incoming physical damage by percentage. MDEF: SoftMDEF: comes from INT and VIT and reduces damage by flat amount, but INT is the main Factor. HardMDEF: is the total of equipment magical defense to reduce incoming magical damage by percentage. HIT: Your physical attacks depends on Hit Rate. You can increase HIT by DEX and LUK, but DEX is the main factor FLEE: Flee is a stat that is responsible for the Dodging. There are two types: Flee and Perfect dodge - Flee is the avoidance of physical attacks (excluding critical hits). - Perfect dodge use to avoid physical attacks (including critical hits). CRITICAL: Critical is the result of LUK and increase critical damage, it also ignores Flee but not Perfect Dodge. Critical can be reduced by the targets defense. Critical damage is 140% only and can Double Attack. ASPD: Attack Speed is the hit per second rating. It depends on the player's class, equipped Weapon Type, Speed Modifiers, AGI and DEX. ASPD increases hits/second increases exponentially the higher the AGI stat of a player. CAST TIME: Cast time is the time needed to completely activate a skill. Variable Cast Time: Can be reduced by INT and DEX. Fixed Cast Time: Can only be reduced by equipments. DELAY & COOLDOWN Delay is the time needed to cast another skill. Delay is divided into two: Cast Delay: is the time needed to cast another skill, and affects all skills (global cool down). Cooldown: is the time needed to cast the same skill (doesn't affect other skills, skill specific cool down).
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