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    CHAMPION VS CHAMPION Are you ready to be called the mightiest/ legendary Champion in Rune Midgard? What are you waiting for? Register NOW! There is no fee to participate. It is a free shot at winning some cool prizes! To register you must go on our forums here: REGISTRATION FORMAT Name: IGN: Guild: (optional) OBEY THE RULES?: (Yes or No) TOURNAMENT MECHANICS: RULES: • Participants need to be ready 15~30 min before the tournament. We will be starting on time, if you are not ready you will be automatically disqualified. • Players must answer to our PMs • Champion class only (must at least base level 90+) • Bring your own gear ( ONLY ACCESSORY and WEAPON IS ALLOWED). • No cheating, any issues with this will result in immediate disqualification along with reports to the GMs. • Must be ok with being recorded/streamed • Must have a sense of sportsmanship and enjoyment! /no1 SKILLS AND RESTRICTIONS: 1. Only WEAPON and ACCESSORY is allowed in the tournament. 2. You are not allowed to use Body Relocation/Snap skill. 3. You are allowed to use Hiding Skill thru accessory. 4. Food Buffs/NPC buffs not allowed. You will be killed and resurrected upon entering the arena. Awakening pots is allowed. 5. No skill scrolls and buff scrolls. TOURNAMENT FORMAT: 1. DOUBLE ELIMINATION a. First round and second round will be best of 1 match. b. Loser bracket will be also best of 1. If you lose in the loser bracket you will be automatically eliminated in the tournament. c. Both Semis round in the winner and loser bracket will be best of 3 matches d. The Finals will be best of 5 matches. Eliminated participants will receive 10 USB and 1 Playtime box as a consolation. TOURNAMENT PRIZES: 1st /CHAMPION – Php 3000 Cash via GCASH and (Costume) 2nd Runner Up – Php 1000 Cash via GCASH + 500 cash points + 7 day VIP 3rd Runner UP – 1000 Cash points + 7 day VIP FAQs: When will the tournament be? - How can I view the tournament? It will be streamed on our facebook page @ Ragnarok Online Reload Where will the tournament be held? via Custom map How can I help? -Watch the stream! -Share and like this events and other events!