Server Regulations

Ragnarok Online RE: LOAD Rules and Regulations

Please take the time to read our server rules as this section may help you thrive inside our humble server. Establishing such rules will not only benefit our server to lessen devious behaviours but also players inside the game can ensure that they are playing in a healthy environment.

Real Money Trading

Also known as RMT. We as the server do not condone any acts of trading in game items such as cards, equipments or zennies into real life currencies. If someone was caught in the act of doing this kind of transactions, know that the hammer of justice will strike them down.

Using Bots

Using third party programs to automate the game for you is not allowed here at Ragnarok Online Reload. In the event that someboy is caught, this offense is punishable of a lifetime ip ban as well as the offenders mac address.

Deviant Behaviour

Being a keyboard warrior and spouting below the belt words is not tolerable in Ragnarok Online Reload. We want to promote a healthy gaming environment where each and everyone is comfortable to each other. First time offense will be a warning, a mute and then finally he or she will be sent to jail.

Mimicking GM Names

Players who are caught trying to copy a Game Master name will be sent to jail withour further notice. This is to ensure that the names of the Game Masters will not be used in any kind of shady things especially scamming someone or somebody.

Bug Abusers

Bugs should be reported as quickly as possible. In the event that a bug occurs and a group of players or even a solo player abuses it, the server will conduct an investigation period and in the event that the Game Masters proves a player participated in this behaviour, the server will not be afraid to strike down offenders.

Other Server Advertisement

Players who will try to promote other servers will not be tolerated. As soon as the Game Masters see any form of promotion, the culprit will be IP banned. There are tons of other platforms to use for this kind of endeavour.