Server Features

Ragnarok Online RE: LOAD Gameplay Elements

In Ragnarok Online RE: LOAD we offer diverse features that will make you love our server! Ranging from simple Daily Logins, Hourly Rewards up to blazing MVP Rankings! We offer much more than what you know so what are you waiting for, join us now!

Revo-Trans Mechanics

In this type of unique setting, players will be reminiscent of when they first played ragnarok in 2003-2005 which players are discussing builds again and best way to do certain MVPs.

Daily Login Rewards

Daily Login Rewards is a system that encourages players to log in on a daily basis to earn free items. Better items are typically earned when players maintain consistent attendance for a week or a month.

MVP Ladder System

Top 10 MVP rankers will receive rewards via ROdex. MVP hunters also gain 12 points if it's a solo kill for each MVP kill which a player can use to purchase items in the MVP Ladder Shop.

Costume System

Ragnarok Online RE: LOAD has a unique costume system like other server does not offer. Players can get all the costumes for free from normal monsters up to MVP's.

Voting Rewards

Earn points by voting daily on our server, and exchange for visual items, usables, rental items and Etc...

Playtime Rewards

For every 60 minutes IN-GAME you will recieve 1 reload coin (usable to gain reload points). Reload Points can be used in Hourly Shop located inside Special Area.